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Anyone who wants a custom-constructed home is willing to invest in high quality and expertise to get the project done properly. This truth has always guided Coval Homes, LLC. in building custom homes to meet exceptional standards.

We are one of the best custom home builders to hire in Olalla, WA if you are looking for a home that:

  • Is truly unique and beautiful
  • Provides comfortable, healthy, economical, hassle-free living
  • Will be a rewarding investment that grows in value with time

We take care to make sure that all our work as custom home builders in Olalla complies with local building codes.

Custom Home Builders Olalla


As homeowners ourselves, we are acutely aware that different people have different needs and aspirations for their homes.

This is why our services as custom home builders in Olalla are focused on giving each one of our clients a home that:

  • Meets their specific requirements
  • Suits their distinctive lifestyle
  • Exceeds their expectations
  • Becomes a source of pride

While building custom homes in lots of different sizes, we customize floor plans based on the preferences of our clients and give them the flexibility to move walls, add extra square footage, and make other engineering changes.

At the same time, we also offer them the benefit of our rich experience as custom home builders by providing educational insight that helps them make the right decisions.

New Custom Homes Olalla


We pride ourselves on being family-owned custom home builders who give people an affordable alternative to the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter homes offered by production builders.

Our passion is to create high-quality, custom homes in Olalla that owners will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Meticulous supervision on every project, from start to finish, is how we ensure our success in building beautiful, efficient, sturdy, long-lasting dream homes for our clients.

From the custom home design, the choice of building materials, construction workmanship, to exterior/interior finishing, everything about our custom homes is stamped with a commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

We work hard to make sure that the custom homes we build on Olalla properties:

  • Combine fantastic aesthetics, superb functionality, and extended durability
  • Offer our clients wonderful value for their hard-earned money
  • Are cherished by owners for many years to come

Need competent custom home builders in the Olalla area that you can trust with the most important project of your life? Get in touch with Coval Homes, LLC. at 253-693-4110!